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About AFEXtree
AFEXtree is the state-of-the-art electronic capital raising platform from AFRINEX Exchange. The platform offers a digital marketplace connecting capital seekers and providers with an objective to facilitate multi-asset multi-currency fund raising and reporting of funds raised through private placement of securities in an efficient and transparent manner.

The platform enables pre-qualified capital seeking companies to connect with a wide array of investors and arrangers across the globe. Participants on AFEXtree includes banks, financial institutions, investment dealers/ stockbrokers, merchant bankers, investment banks, collective investment schemes, alternative investment funds, asset managers etc.

The platform’s unique features allow multiple options to raise capital through issuance of debt, equity or fund raising for collective investment schemes, alternative investment funds etc. thereby offering greater flexibility and optionality to participants resulting in better price discovery and optimising cost of capital.

Capital Seekers Arranger Investor
• Maximise access to a wide range of capital providers • Connect with wide range of companies seeking capital. • Diverse and attractive investment opportunities.
• Simplified, efficient & transparent process. • Maximise business opportunities. • Simplified & efficient process.
• Capital raising at optimal cost.   • Ease of investing.
• Multiple options to raise capital across the asset classes   • No joining fees.

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